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4 Major Reasons Why Energy Drink Companies Hate Tender Coconut Water

4 Major Reasons Why Energy Drink Companies Hate Tender Coconut Water

Ever since the huge marketing wave, courtesy of procrastinating millennials mostly, energy drinks are something we are all familiar with. From helping us to pull all-nighters to meet our deadlines, to helping us give the extra boost to finish the last rep of our workout, energy drinks are the quick fix answer to meet our needs.

However, as there is a boom for the need for all things healthy, energy drinks have taken hit, thanks to their more natural alternatives. To be more specific, tender coconut water. The rise of demand in tender coconut water, directly coincides with the demand for something more natural, that helps us achieve our goals.

Lets take a quick look at the 4 major reasons why energy drink companies hate tender coconut water.

1.   Retains your healthy heart.

Tender coconut water infuses you blood with electrolytes and antioxidants. The natural balance which is present in the tender coconut water is what helps retain your hearts health. There have been numerous studies, which have established that energy links result in more forceful contraction in the heart, which may result in dire consequences for people with pre-disposition for heart conditions.

2.   No fear of Caffeine addition.

While not one of the more severe among addictions, caffeine addiction is very real, and has some very real consequences, least of which include onset of migraines and headaches, when you suffer from withdrawal.

Tender Coconut water has zero caffeine, so safe to say, there are zero chances of being suffering from the side effect of the same.

3.   No Risk of Diabetes

The energy we get from energy drinks are contributed greatly by the added sugar in them as well. The high sugar concentration eventually wears out our pancreas, and the chances of Type II Diabetes increase greatly.

The sweet, nutty flavor of tender coconut water is from 100% natural and harmless sugars which is originally to be used by the coconuts to mature.

4.   As easily Available as Energy Drinks.

Lets all be honest for a moment, no one drinks energy drinks for the taste of it. We drink it s a means to an end. As millenials we are always in a rush, trying to catch up with the rapid pace of the rest of the world. In this scenario, energy drinks are the only convenient and easy to access source of quick energy.

Not any more, companies like NaturUp is releasing Tender Coconut water powder sachets, which are 100% natural with zero additives or preservatives.

Walking into the gym and in need of quick energy – Pop a packet into a water bottle, shake and voila, a healthy drink which will fill you with energy,

The unique and refreshing flavor of tender coconut water is now available at your fingertips at the most affordable prices ever. Now enjoy all the health benefits of energy drinks, with zero side effects, available to you one click away.

Have a guilt free energy boost using Naturup Tender Coconut Water Powder.

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