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Coconut Water: The Elixir of Freshness

Coconut Water: The Elixir of Freshness

A coconut is no stranger to anyone. We have all come across it in various forms, as fruit, water, cream, milk and pastries. The coconuts are one of the few divine items on this earth which is as healthy as it tastes, if not more. While all parts of the coconut has various amazing properties, today, we set our sights on the tasty elixir of coconut water.

Rich in Nutrients

The Coconut Water is essentially the juice at the center of the coconut used to nourish the fruit. Hence the water in and of itself is chock full of healthy nutrients. It has the added benefit of having a meager amount of fat content. The water from Tender Coconut is the best pick me up to begin your day with. Lucky for you it is now available in easy to make nutrient rich sashes from NaturUp called Tender Coconut Water Powder.

Antioxidant Properties

Tender Coconut Water (Buy here) is also famed to have excellent antioxidant properties. Studies conducted so far with these results are mostly in animals, however, they do exhibit very promising results. Our cells release free radicals everyday while producing energy and these free radicals are the major reason for aging. The water from tender coconut and it’s powder helps combat the effect of these free radicals.

Helps Tackle Liver Disease

A research study in rats with liver disease found results which supported the fact that consumption of the water from tender coconut has reduced the oxidative stress in populations which were treated with it. There have been further studies with rats on stricter diets in a more controlled environment who were given the tender coconut water to see the health benefits in them. The results have shown decreased triglyceride, insulin and blood pressure levels.

Support Heart Health

Though there has been no conclusive research on humans regarding this, it is said that drinking water from tender coconuts can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Another study on rats showed a substantial reduction in cholesterol levels of the groups studied. Currently, healthy eating and drinking is what matters to all of us. However, for us, we need it to be economical, reliable and convenient as well. With zero artificial additives and preservative, that is exactly what NaturUp Tender Coconut Water Powder brings to your table.

Best After Exercise Drink

After a prolonged session of exercise your muscles are mostly screaming for oxygen and energy. The waters of tender coconut has something called electrolytes which is also found in most sports and energy drinks. Electrolytes aid in quick hydration and ensures proper fluid balance in your body. Not to mention the convenience of just popping open a sachet and pouring the contents into cold water to make a healthy drink that helps you replenish your energy. Isn’t this what you have been looking for?

While we have managed to cover most of the benefits of the water from tender coconut, there still remains numerous other advantages to using it, like curing hangovers, dissolving of kidney stones, strengthening of bones, reduction in acne etc. Pick up your supply of NaturUp Tender Coconut Water Powder today and start reaping the benefits of this 100% natural energizer.

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