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Why Pick a Natural Jam Over Other Options in the Market?

Why Pick a Natural Jam Over Other Options in the Market?

The history of Natural Jams extends all the way back to the ancient Greeks. During an era when there were no refrigeration units available to save food for the winter or to preserve seasonal fruits, people discovered jam making as a solution. What began as a boiled mixture of fruit and honey has evolved over the centuries to form into the gooey goodness we consume out of a bottle today.

As our world is slowly shifting into the times of being health conscious and ingredient label reading, nit enough brands have moved to adapt Natural Jams and syrups.

Just like all other commodities in the 21st century, we are offered a dizzying array of options when it comes to picking the perfect jam for our family. Today we attempt to simplify the process for you by narrowing down the options and explaining why Natural Jams are predominantly better.




Natural Jam brand like NaturUp, boast majority content of real fruit. This ensures that you will still be receiving most of the nutrients which is present in it. It is a concentrated source of nutrition when made with fully ripened fruits. Brands have now come up with innovative variations like guava jam, jackfruit jam and banana jam.




Fruit jams using sugar as a preservative and have up to 50% real fruit concentration in it, do not contribute to unhealthy weight gain. This ensures that, when compared to Jams using artificial sweeteners, coloring and preservatives, fruit jams ensure that your health is preserved as well. No artificial colors and no artificial flavoring ensure that there is no cholesterol risk from jams using 100% all natural ingredients.





If you are one of those people who read the ingredients list on a food product, do keep your eye open for the presence of pectin. It aids in the      maintenance of healthy skin, hair, bones and finger nails, and at the same time lowers your susceptibility to cancer. The use of jams with 100% natural ingredients, like Naturup Jackfruit jam, will keep you looking and feeling healthy.




What natural jams lack in artificial preservatives, they make up for in sugar and carbohydrate content. This makes natural jams the perfect boost to your energy. A quick an easy spread right before your work out or to start of your day, will keep you running for a while. By using jams with 100% natural ingredients you manage to wipe all the worries of unhealthy eating from your mind.


In conclusion, we can say with confidence that Fruit Jams and Syrups made entirely of natural ingredients have major health benefits and none of the unhealthy side effects contributed by the synthetic preservatives used. While using artificial sweeteners and coloring may help someone to cut costs or minimize the production time, natural jams do not compromise on quality and nutrition. Pick up an all-natural jam of your favorite flavor today and experience these benefits first hand.

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