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Tender Coconut Water Powder Mix - Strawberry Spread Combo

Rs. 599.00

Combo Contains : 1 Strawberry spread, 250gm and Tender Coconut Water Powder Mix ,240g (12g x 20 sachets)
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This is a Vegetarian product.  
  • 100 % Natural Ingredients
  • Upto 50 % real fruits
  • Preservative free
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Spreads easily


NaturUp is an Indian company committed to developing revolutionary natural products that enhances your life in a positively delicious and healthy way. We believe eating well is the key to living well. The trend towards eating good is growing all over the world. People are demanding more from the food they put into their bodies. They want to eat healthy, natural and live well. So why not eat only the best? When you use NaturUp products, you are getting as close to Nature as possible!

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naturup coconut water powder nature up natural tender energy organic electrolyte


All the natural nutrients and benefits of all our ingredients are preserved in our products, making us the perfect healthy alternative to similar products in the market. Our drying technology is applied to fresh fruit pulp and juice, resulting in a fine powder that retains all the flavor and goodness of the original fruits. Understanding the convenience and benefit of using and carrying fruit powders for the end customers, we have launched “Tender Coconut Water Powder Mix”, our first revolutionary product in this category.


Looking for a perfectly balanced solution to your breakfast needs? Opt NaturUp as the answer to all your sweet and healthy needs. Our products are awaiting your orders bursting with authentic taste. We bring nature’s best by sourcing fruits at the right point of their ripeness and processing down gently with no added chemicals. The result is tasty fruit jams made from real fruits with all the flavor and nutrition at its best. We’ve shunned plastics for premium glass bottle packaging that ensure air-tightness and additive-free goodness for you


Looking for an on the go recharge for your body? NaturUp syrups are made from real fruit for those who want a refreshing, natural drink with a fruity twist. Our Syrups are made from the finest produces, processed and packaged with highest levels of hygiene. We’ve shunned plastics for premium glass bottle packaging to ensure maximum safety and shelf life.