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Festive Gift Hamper - 20 sachets & 200ml Reusable Handcrafted Coconut Shell Cup

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At NaturUp, we're passionate about transforming coconut shell waste into beautiful, sustainable, and handcrafted home goods. Coconut shells, known for their natural resilience, can endure for decades, making them ideal alternatives to plastic items. This is our commitment to reimagining the concept of waste. Rather than being discarded as useless byproducts, we meticulously handcraft discarded coconut shells into stunning and functional products. We take pride in turning what's often considered trash into valuable treasures for your home with the help of a unit completely run by women in Kerala.
Wishing you and your loved ones joy, prosperity, and endless celebrations on this festive occasion. Thank you for choosing us, and we wish you and your loved ones a festive season filled with love and light.


This is a Vegetarian product.

  • 20 sachets of 12g each + Handcrafted Coconut shell bowl(200ml) + Gift card in gift box packaging
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • Ingredient Feature: Vegetarian
  • Special Features: No Preservatives, No Artificial Colour or Flavour, No Cholesterol, Made with Natural Ingredients, Gluten Free
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place

Tender Coconut Water Powder Mix

Tender Coconut Water Powder Mix

NATURUP Tender Coconut Water Powder Mix is an anytime solution for your hydration and nutrition needs. As coconut water fresh isn’t accessible every time, we provide you with powdered tender coconut water fresh mix that you can easily carry around. You just have to add this nariyal pani powder to water and get wholesome coconut water nutrition.

Conveniently Packaged Powdered Coconut Water

Tastes like Real Thing

We haven’t tried to meddle with the authenticity of tender coconut water real. With no artificial flavors, our powdered mix tastes like actual nariyal pani.

Coconut Water Nutrition

NATURUP Tender Coconut Water Mix retains all the essential nutrients and benefits of this extremely healthy drink.

Convenience Over Hassle

We aim to bring to you real coconut benefits without the hassle of finding coconut water, getting a tender coconut opener tool, and disposing of the waste material.

Uncompromised Authenticity

NATURUP Tender Coconut Drink is free from all sorts of preservatives and additives while having the exact taste profile of nariyal pani fresh.

100% Natural Ingredients


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