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Our Jams are made with 100% natural ingredients without adding any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They need to be REFRIGERATED AFTER OPENING. Our jams contain 52% of real fruit which is much more than the other brands available in the market. We also bring you refreshingly new flavours using exotic and tropical fruits.
Yes, So how do we do it? We take water from young south indian coconuts (said to be the most tasty and nutritious coconuts in the world !) at the height of their nutritional content, dry the water using our drying state of the art technology , concentrate and maintain the nutrients & carbohydrates as in the coconut water and pack them in an easy to use solution.
We have removed water and moisture content which causes a product to go bad and our exclusive quality packaging ensures the shelf life for the product.Also once the package is opened we suggest you to consume it FRESH to get the fresh taste and storage for later use after opening is not recommended.
Our product is made using a unique process where real tender coconut water is made into this final powder mix form It doesn't contain any artificial colours. flavours or preservatives We pack this powdered form in a controlled environment in a special sachet which prevents contact with moisture and ensures the shelf life Once opened it must be used on the same day Forming lumps of powder inside the sachet is normal
Empty the contents of the sachet into a glass. add around 200ml water (cold water will give best results) and mix well using a spoon and serve fresh Do not keep it for later use There's no need to add more sugar. it contains similar levels of sugar as in tender coconut water
A you can use this for hydration when you work and play after/during your workout in gyms. or in hospitals hotels. canteens etc. It can be used in various recipes of mocktails, cocktails, smoothies. puddings, cakes etc Basically wherever tender coconut water is used you can use our product too just make sure to add water to the powder mix befor you use.
Our product contains the same % of sugar found in coconut water (5%). We are adding best quality pharma grade sulphur free sugar to this product to compensate for the same amount of lost carbohydrates in the process. The glycemic index of both sugar in coconut water and our added sugars are similar . However we suggest you ( diabetic people) get expert opinion from doctors on quantities that can be consumed. We have provided every nutritional detail on our packaging.
We are taking extreme care right from selection of coconut water to production to quality check & testing to packaging . We have an internal lab which tests each and every batch that is coming out of our unit . Also we have tested our product at various external labs with ISO certification and NABL accredited labs.
We are available in US, UK and Australia through Amazon. We will soon establish our base in Middle East and also through distribution networks in all these countries.
We take utmost care in selecting our raw materials , processing,manufacturing ,packaging for our products . As our vision statement says we want to introduce natural , healthy and organic products.
Please contact us via our mail or call us at +91 9446605454. We would love to have you on board.

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