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3 out of 5 people in our country is said to have a sweet tooth. If you sweet cravings are what brought you to browsing the internet today, you have stumbled upon the perfect blog. Today we are going through everything tender coconut pudding. Covering everything from what it is and what makes it awesome to how to make it and how guilty to feel about consuming those calories (I’ll let you in on the secret, its not much)

Tender coconut dishes were not a widespread delicacy to the simple fact that they were not readily available in non- tropical areas of the globe. However, thanks to brands like NaturUp which provide 100% natural and preservative free tender coconut powder to the market, these recipes are now free for everyone to experiment with.

Pudding is something that all of us grew up eating. Whether it was vanilla, chocolate fudge or banana cream pudding, they have all been equally visible participants in all our dessert platters. Tender coconut puddings are special because of their unique and fresh taste along with their pristine white coloring.

If you have guests over this is the most perfect and hassle-free choice for dessert, all the while surprising them with the flavor of tender coconut from something that looks like plain old vanilla pudding. The pudding also lets you unleash your inner artist by using unique ideas to plate the pudding with other condiments that appear in contrast with the pure white of the dish.


Agar Agar powder: 0.5 tbsp

Tender Coconut Pulp : 0.75 cup

Tender Coconut Water : 1 cup

Milk: 1 Cup

Condensed milk: 0.5 Cup

Sugar : 2tbsp

Make sure that the pulp is ground into a very smooth texture. Take heavy bottomed vessel and pour the tender coconut water into it. Dissolve the Agar Agar powder into the water. Heat the mixture until you are sure that the powder is completely dissolved.

Mix the milk, condensed milk and sugar in a vessel and heat it up. Turn off the flame once the mixture is heated up. Mix both mixtures together and stir. Immediately pour this into the molds and let it cool to room temperature. Once it has come down to room temperature cover the molds with clear wrap and refrigerate it for 30 minutes.

After refrigeration, remove the wraps and gently invert the molds onto plates. Decorate the plates to your desire and wow your guests with this awesome dessert.

Now that your pudding is ready, lets get onto the big reveal. One serving of tender coconut pudding had 291 calories in it. For reference, the regular recommended dessert portion is around 200 calories, which makes these the perfect dessert you can indulge in occasionally. Not to mention the use of organically sourced ingredients for your recipe will ensure that your body remains a healthy temple.

Has this inspired you to try out our recipe for the smooth and delicious tender coconut pudding? Don’t forget to share your results with us.

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